The Yew Life Center offers educational opportunities for our community by providing classes, initiating support groups, and exploring relevant topics for today’s living.

Current Offerings


yew3St. Gabriel Episcopal School

St. Gabriel Episcopal School is inspired by the Early Childhood Education centers in Reggio Emilia, Italy. In our school, all learning is driven by student interests and questions. These questions become the curriculum as the teacher and student work together to gain knowledge. At St. Gabriel Episcopal School, our belief is that the child is a capable learner who can gain skills and knowledge through interest based inquiries.

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Past Events

Mortgage Burning Celebration was held on October 27, 2018!

Harvest Dinner The third annual Harvest dinner was enjoyed by all!

Earthquake Preparedness Our unique geology in Oregon and the Northwest and what that means related to earthquakes

Election Day meditation and prayer time, dedicated to prayer for wise decisions and national unity.

NAMI Family-To-Family Education Program
FREE for family members, partners, and significant others of adults living with serious mental illness.
For information on other classes contact Liz at or call NAMI at 503-356-6835

Family Financial Planning Seminars
Co-Sponsored By St. Gabriel Episcopal Endowment Committee
Presented by two estate planning attorneys covering these:

  • Getting Started: Estate Planning For Young Families
  • Mid-Life Concerns: Medical and Incapacity Concerns
  • Growing Older: Taxes, gifting, and charitable donations

SAT Math Camp
Summer program supporting students preparing for SAT Exams.

Reading To The Dogs
Kids reading to dogs to improve reading skills.

Yew Life Center Caregiver Classes
Individuals struggling to manage a loved ones medical care and needing help caring for themselves explore useful coping tools.