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Yew Life Center

of St. Gabriel Episcopal Church

Yew Life Center is a community resource center whose mission is to assist individuals and families in nurturing a centered life. We define a centered life as one balancing – physical health, financial stability, and spiritual growth. Yew Life Center does this by offering opportunities for you and your families to connect and find support, to further your education on matters relevant to your daily concerns, and to explore and develop your individual spiritual identity.

The Yew Life Center of St.Gabriel cialis Episcopal Church is named for the 150 year old Yew tree growing in its meditation garden.

Spiritually, the Yew tree is considered the Sacred Tree of Life. It symbolizes for many peoples and faith traditions, new life – transformation and renewal, rebirth, and resurrection, a complete cycle of life.

It is a challenge to keep this ancient tree thriving, balancing its nutritional and environmental needs, in its suburban surroundings, just as it is a challenge for us to nurture the needs of our minds, bodies, and spirits in our demanding world.

Yew Life Center of St. Gabriel Episcopal Church offers opportunities to nurture centered living and bring balance to individual lives through education, exploration, and connection.